Player Welfare

Player Welfare, Resilience & Flourishing

Regardless of whether you have been/are in the AFL and sporting industry for years already or are new to the field, our services cater to a diverse range of clientele. Our focus is not only on the path from drafting and player contracts, yet on the road ahead, personal growth, future planning and life beyond football and the sporting industry.

Our boutique services are built on a foundation of genuine care when it comes to supporting and enhancing our client’s lives. Our aim is to guide and support you in your development ideally through your early football career, however always with a view to enable you to flourish through education, that sees progressive growth in your independence with us there to support you as and when needed.

Centimeter Perfect’s services can be packaged in a way that suits individual needs, solutions include:

We will assist putting you and your family at ease with clarity on the time lines heading into the combine and the draft, we may take pressure off you by imparting the standards and type of tests you’ll be open to, and guide you on how to respond to questions in interviews.

If you are privileged to be listed by an AFL club, and with the 50/50 possibility for players to move its important for your life and football to prosper that you are well placed, equally as important is to keep in touch with club PDM and the AFLPA regional managers, to ensure you are settling into your club surroundings, for some players cultural considerations may need to be considered.

We’ll ensure you are fully versed and accessing the benefits of the CBA, such as securing your relocation costs if appropriate, the provision of your big-ticket home items as entitled, parental travel to support you in your early stage in the AFL.

We’ll guide you on some home basics, this could vary from cooking, to planning your down time productively, to learning how to iron, how to prepare for sleep, assisting you organise transport, or simply changing habits, such as using down time with positive scenarios for your football and future life benefit.

As a professional athlete time management is critical, be it for your football commitments, your study, work, future marketing/endorsement obligations or simply to ensure you find positive down time, we’ll be there to guide you.

It is said “fail to plan, plan to fail”. We will guide you on goal setting in conjunction with the AFLPA and the Max360 programs, and in line with direction and family input, we’ll challenge you and hold you accountable to all of these attributes.

Now that you are set up with goals covering all aspects of your life, we’ll assist you set up simple scheduling methods, a yearly planner to give you good vision of your time ahead, insight into times you’ll need to be particularly focussed or windows where you can slot desired opportunities.

Life for anybody can be challenging at times, as an AFL player a few more curve balls can arise, this could be social media pressure, family pressure, a gambling problem, self doubt, we are always there to lend a non-judgemental ear whatever the topic, our aim is to assist you through your football life and whilst always focussed on adding to your preparation for life as a whole.

At times you may find your football needs some support, be it assistance getting through an injury and rehabilitation, or needing elaboration on club development education such as positioning, leading patterns after match simulation, we have access to past players that can assist you meet what the coaches are seeking from you.

As a draftee in a team you’ll be ecstatic to play your first game, through your career it will be desirable to play as frequently as possible at your highest level, to realise success for you and your role within the team. At times this may involve further flexibility in your role and or suitability to put your skills in play at an alternate club with greater opportunity. As you instruct we’ll formulate a transition plan with you, listening to your goals, looking to have you best placed to meet your desires.

The AFL has rules that govern the code, as your agent we are accredited and well versed in these so that we can guide and support you as the need arises. Our team and partners are experienced in managing media timing, especially in conjunction with industry specific legal support from John Gdanski and SLF.

Unearthing a client’s passion to kick start their working life outside of football is vital, for most we promote this heading into your second year in the industry through work experience, education, networking and or business opportunities.

Even if you become one of the game’s elite and secure your financial future, a rare scenario, you have many years to live out, beyond football, life has plenty more in store for you. Let’s harness the opportunity the game provides and have you setting sail whilst in the game for an ongoing fruitful, stress free happy future. Like many aspects Centimeter Perfect offers with its partners, we’ll offer to invest in varied programs for you, to enhance your future possibilities. Although to ensure your focus we’ll seek, to a lesser extent, some buy in from you too, after all we are about improving you, and having you value and forego something for the opportunity an ongoing lesson in itself.

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