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Marketing your public profile begins before you are even drafted

Marketing your public profile begins even before you are drafted. It is the first and lasting impression that you don’t want to get wrong. As Spida Everett is often heard saying on 92.5FM on the Gold Coast, “you can never make a second first impression”.

Our services cover all aspects of marketing, endorsement selection and promotions.

Personal branding is important when it comes down to marketing yourself to others. Personal branding may help you build your own company as an entrepreneur one day, it may increase your potential value as an employee to an organisation, it may build your own credibility for future ventures, or allow you to align yourself to other brands and potentially earn income or part ownership in those businesses.

As your profile builds through the game, opportunities may come that appeal to you. The ideal is for you to attach yourself to a line of thought that is in sync with your beliefs, your personal likes, aspects that appeal to you, your values, and that allow you to embrace the opportunity with gusto. Our desire is to build a foundation that demonstrates who you are and aligns you to relevant other premium brands.

Everyone is different, some more extroverted, some more introverted, we’ll work with you to consider opportunities to suit you. These may be it from promotional advertising materials away from the public connect, to consider you for business launches, master of ceremonies duties. All these possibilities will take stock of your desires, and at different times through your career your comfort in aligning with premium brands in a way that is suited to you. The greater the comfort and fit, the greater the credibility.

Need I say more than Spida above, the key of course to looking good is feeling good about yourself. This might be by yourself in front of the mirror, or at an interview we’ll look to enhance your capacity to shine in the way you wish.

We will connect you with this provider, and build your profile in line with your desires, and vet opportunities for you following your instruction matching your individuality, your schedule and your personality type. Some people are great with kids, some great as an entertaining master of ceremonies, we are all suited to differing environments.

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