Our Focus

Centimeter Perfect services often commence in the infancy stage on the road to the mid-year and end of year draft and follow through each players AFL football career. This includes services catered to manage their personal and future career development, through to life beyond football.

The foundation of this service is built on genuine care, supporting and enhancing our client’s lives not only their finances. Our team and partners are experienced, knowledgeable and focused on achieving the client’s needs and wants, whilst supporting their loved ones along the journey with them.

We strive to be the agency of choice thanks to consistent word of mouth driving our expansion.


Nigel Baldwin

Centimeter Perfect was born from a desire to help others; its sandbox is exclusively AFL.

This came at a time when our founder, Nigel Baldwin, exited a lengthy and successful career in logistics, culminating in the sale of his equity in a medium to large sized firm. Through this transition phase, somewhat akin to a listed footballers end of playing days, facing the challenge of where to progress, Nigel sought advice and counsel to guide him on satisfying unfulfilled aspects of his life.

The advice was to find some level of personal fulfilment. This would come through an opportunity within an industry that he was passionate about and would enable greater capacity to help others.

The symbiotic objectives of Centimeter Perfect are to help talented and elite AFL footballers through varied means, this deriving a high-level of satisfaction for the agencies team.

Working with some of the AFL industries best players, Nigel guides potential draftees irrespective of whether they are in the talent pathway, a rookie B option, mature age or current listed players through each step of the process whilst ensuring they are well informed and prepared.

Nigel has a young, sports-addicted family who are actively involved in the exciting world of AFL.

Kif Chowdhury

Kif Chowdhury is an experienced and passionate player agent with a background in business and sport. Having spent time within reputable corporate organisations including the Australian head offices of Facebook and Instagram, Kif was also on the board of directors of a start-up company in the software and technology space. Garnering significant business and life experiences from an early outset, Kif offers our clients a youthful yet mature and level headed approach to management both on and off the field.

Hailing from humble beginnings, Kif possesses a deep sense of compassion and understanding toward individuals and athletes alike. He arrived in Australia as a six year old refugee, initially struggling with language barriers and the additional pressures of fitting in. However, sport and more specifically football became Kif’s connecting bridge which saw him flourish towards a path of off-field success. As a young entrepreneur, player agent and goal-orientated individual, Kif continues to thrive for excellence in every facet of life.

After spending several years working with multiple player management firms, Kif joins Centimeter Perfect with aligned values and the teams passion to help others. As agents of integrity and character, Nigel, Kif and the Centimeter Perfect team consistently differentiate from the norm and deliver our clients a truly holistic and personal approach to player management, our mission to set lofty new standards of satisfaction.