Media Management

Effective media exposure

Part of any successful business foray is effective media exposure and the sporting industry is no exception. Our services allow us to act on your behalf and efficiently manage media contact along with offering guidance on how to self-manage media attention.

The world of professional sport brings with-it ever-increasing interest, and scrutiny of the media and public. We’ll discuss a path that suits you, that could be to somewhat limit your involvement or become more active and increase followers towards becoming and influencer. We’ll guide you on suitable content, and the type you may wish to avoid, and we’ll promote means for you minimise the impact of this microscope, as a player or a potential draftee. We can assist you on the progression of your profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like with consistency across all platforms.

Through the AFLPA, players are very fortunate to have some amazing benefits provided for them, in fact unlike any other industry known to us. Beyond the training of various aspects the players association will provide for you, we can seek out training for you, with our experienced team and partners well connected in this space.

The reality of this end of the market is that you’ll need to be a unique character, a charismatic individual, an affable opinionated player, maybe one with a greater profile to attract these opportunities, we’ll seek them out for you on completion of some basic training, as your profile warrants.

Media attention can deliver positive and negative opinions, however they come, it is important for your personally and toward your brand in the manner you respond, when its suitable not to respond, and the timing of such. We will continue to work with you on these aspects keeping you in sync with any commercial obligations and your brand progression.

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