The Fact File: Michael Barlow

Growing up in Regional Victoria, I participated in an array of sports and was always driven to take sport (Cricket and Football in particular) to the highest level that I could. Perhaps considered a late developer my dream of becoming a professional sportsman became a reality on the 16th of December 2009, Rookie listed to the Fremantle Dockers after completing my University degree at The University of Melbourne (Bach of Urban Planning and Development) whilst playing for the Werribee FC in the VFL.

Whilst many considered me an overnight sensation, it was through multiple knock backs between 2007 and 2009 that helped shape my resilience and commitment to maximizing my potential as an athlete and as a person. What followed was a successful 7 years at Fremantle highlighted by a GF in 2013 before completing my career on the Gold Coast between 2017-2018.

My AFL career endured many highlights and fond memories, amazing connections and networks were formed. It was also met with some adversity including multiple injuries as well as the career mortality at Fremantle in 2016 and ultimately the Suns in 2018. I am incredibly proud to have given myself every opportunity to achieve a sustained and fulfilling career, of which it certainly was.

Having lived a 9-year AFL career in two states both foreign to my native Victoria, I’ve lived the experienced of an athlete pursuing their dream away from close family connection. This is an area I learned the most about myself by absorbing independence and expanding my network. However, on the contrary at times longed for the family and loving advice in more intimate detail. I look forward in particular to sharing my journey and the lessons I learnt within an elite system with clients of CP.

Since leaving the AFL system I have moved into the coaching space with the Simon Black Academy in Melbourne, as well as being a playing assistant coach with the Werribee FC in the VFL. I also have pursued a passion in the Media and sports broadcasting. My long-term aspiration in the media is to become a play by play AFL caller, of which I debuted for 6PR in 2019.

Perhaps my greatest passion is people. This is why the role at CP and engaging with highly aspirational and motivational people excites me so much.

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