Player Contracts & Negotiation

We are here to help guide our players

AFL player contract negotiations and free agency deals can be a complicated and challenging obstacle, when it comes to getting what and where you want to play. Both educated timing and expert negotiation experience is vital. We offer clients full management services with years of experience. Our team collate industry data and benchmark this running an in-house list management for all clubs, this qualifies market rates. Centimeter Perfect has a narrow scope for its sandbox, we are purely AFL centric, we aren’t an events management company or focussed elsewhere, we haven’t considered other sports, we are invested in our clients and their passion only.

Long term contracts offer security and peace of mind. Our goal is to ensure our clients secure contracts that are fair, equitable and sustainable, and in line with their life objectives whilst in the game and beyond.

Our services include:

It’s wise to avoid emotion in any negotiation, it’s helpful to know when to be quite, it’s a must to know the market and where all the parties sit within it, it’s helpful to be able to know when to say no, it can be a deal clincher knowing when to walk away, if focussed on a good deal rather than a specific deal you can leave yourself open to greater opportunities and success for all, planning is critical, we are skilled in negotiating. In the current market we can assist you with methods to consider the potential for variations with a new CBA, and your timing of negotiations and contract length leading into this period.

Through Centimeter Perfect’s in-house list management, our knowledge and overall team experience we understand the AFL player market and can guide on where you sit within it at your current club and further within the wider market and other options potentially available to you at other clubs.

These agreements not only need to be negotiated, yet like all other deals they will come with obligations for a player, we will assist you schedule and meet these obligations.

We enjoy the connectivity with all AFL clubs and can guide you on the rules around free agency, what options may be possible for you now or later in your career, we can strategically guide and plan the possible transition scenarios you may wish to consider.

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