Financial Management & Planning

Smart financial management can make a huge difference to your future aspirations

Financial management is an integral part of the services available to our clients. Smart financial management can make a huge difference to your future aspirations and goals, especially with the passive income and wealth you can build off your AFL platform. AFL players income can be derived from their contract or other income types such as endorsements, however these rarely secure a player’s financial future. The AFL average career is between six and seven years with an average income in the vicinity of $350,000 per annum. We have assembled an industry experienced, appropriately qualified, reliable and knowledgeable team to guide you.

Centimeter Perfect are focussed exclusively on AFL, so we have a team that knows your sporting industry inside and out, which holds valuable experience in the industry and in the business world, this to get the most out of your base AFL income, in line with your life goals. The services are provided with partners who build solutions individually for you, all this with an approach that is personal, they guide as advisors, friends and partners.

Why hand over your hard-earned dollars to the tax man, save what you are entitled to, set up your affairs so that your equity is protected.

For most clients who haven’t yet ventured into property we’ll look closely at their suitability for the 1st home super saver superannuation option, as your career progresses, we’ll consider alternate strategies for you.

One of the key aspects about taking hold of your financial affairs is to appreciate the benefits of early investment and compounding benefits. Having a diversified (not all your eggs in one basket) approach to building wealth and passive income is one means to mitigate risk, among other means to protect your estate, while building your wealth. With our varied partners we’ll guide you on choosing and implementing the right strategy for you.

We have varied qualified partners and businesses to guide you, one simple aspect is to create a picture of your current spending pattern, then we can take stock of where you may wish to change your habits, to mould a budget that will allow you some further success.

We have varied partners that currently work with players and clubs in your industry, they are delivering significant benefit to these individuals affairs, deriving other streams of passive income, they can help you too

Through our partners years of experience we can guide you to make a wise selection for your current circumstances. Our interest is to see you succeed, it is to that end that our organisation does not take any commission, rebate, or other gain for promoting our partners, or supporting you with others, our desire is to put that benefit back in your pocket, ask us how.

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