Educating toward independence

The entire team at Centimeter Perfect are here to guide you from the infancy stage of your AFL career and into your chosen aspirations beyond life as a player. Our intention is to develop your skill sets, to educate and allow you experiences that enable you comfort in progressing with these advances independently through your life, and maybe to some of your loved ones. The education path is wide and varied, Centimeter Perfect and its partners will explore what you may need or look to improve your capabilities to be independent in many spheres of life, although we wish to be there with you as a mentor for the life you live and want after football.

As odd as it may seem, some footballers will arrive at their new club, their new home, raw in some respects. We are there to be your confidante, we won’t judge you, although expect that we will challenge you when needed. We are there to help get you on the right path, that might be from providing your first lesson in ironing, washing, cooking, sharing opinion on appearance, imparting ways to schedule/remember important events, setting you up to pay your bills, maybe ask us about opportunities with one of our partners MyBudget. Whatever the topic, however minor or huge in your eyes, we are there to be asked.

The coaches you need for the life you want after football.

Being a professional athlete opens a lot of doors and with the right guidance these doors can lead you to a life of professional success long after you hang up your boots.

It’s never too early to think about what’s next, and finding that early in your football career can also help create balance in your life away from the club, and many players tell us this has been a key to their on-field success. Consider Jack Fitzpatrick’s thoughts.

Whether it is becoming a footy coach, tackling the world of business or something completely different, our career coaches will help you identify and build a career path, that takes advantage of the opportunities you have through your club and football system, and sets you up for success off the field as well as on it.

If you asked your parents what they wanted to do for a job when they were young, the chances are they are doing something completely different now, and probably found their way there by accident. We help people to find out what really is the right career path for them right from the get-go. Using a range of assessments and coaching discussions we help you identify your career personality, drivers and set the foundations for career success in later life.

Armed with the information about your career personality and the types of careers that align with this, we help you identify options and choices that excite you and develop the skills to explore them in detail, to ensure you can make informed choices.

Now you know where you want to go, it’s time to work on a plan to get you there. This may include identifying further education that supports your goals or work experience opportunities, that enable you to develop valuable practical work skills outside of the footy environment.

Thorough the Action stage we help you to develop the skills you need to stand out, in much the same way your club coaches help you develop your on-field skills. These skills will not only help you when you’re playing time is over, but they will also help you maximise the opportunities within the football system, by developing skills like your professional networking techniques, interview skills and confidence (good for media confidence as well as job interviews) and your professional social media presence.

Be sure to ask Centimeter Perfect how together we can help get you ahead of the game.

  • Academic – our team is diverse, our own experiences and study skills to be shared, we can assist you schedule your routine to work in with studies, we can guide you on opportunities with institutions that offer sports college programs, flexible to the demands of an elite sportsperson. We can undertake some of the groundwork reviewing opportunities for varied scholarships, in some spheres our team, our partners and our wider network may be of assistance with work experience and mentoring in your professional studies.
  • Football – to be an AFL footballers requires many talents, not just technical skills or tactical capabilities, not only athleticism, but other traits such as discipline, team work, a strong focus, an ability to be coached, to develop, to schedule your life effectively, to manage your downtime professionally, there are so many aspects that make the role challenging and at times arduous. Some of our guidance will assist with football and life in general, to follow your quality values and good habits, however we do have past footballers to guide you on some of your choices. We partner with some specialist skills coaching and will invest with you in these expert coaches if desired, you’ll need to buy in too, ask us how. Our desire is to ease the burden of football on you, and to allow you to enjoy your time in the game beyond the camaraderie of your team mates and the hours after a win, our desire is for you to enjoy life in football day after day.
  • Wealth creation – you’ve arrived at a club, your income relevant to your age is high, Centimeter Perfect can help you save, to follow good life habits, to invest and improve your financial position. If you wish to harness the network that surrounds you, to consider alternate investment strategies, such as the share market, properties and so on we can guide you with our qualified partner network. Our desire through your time in football is not only to assist your wealth progression, our real desire is to build your knowledge progression, to enable you to be self-sufficient.
  • Image – on arrival at a club you might have already considered your social media use, you might have reached out to those close to you to help. Your image, your brand is important, and not only for the possibility of obtaining marketing and endorsement income, or influencer ratings; this may or may not appeal to you or your nature and personality. What is important is for you to build confidence in self, in how you appear, in how you act, in how you feel, in being comfortable to learn; once you like yourself and forgive mistakes as you learn, that’s valuable and important on numerous levels.
  • AFLPA benefits – through the accreditation process the agent cohort are taken through and well versed on what your body, the player organisation can do for you. This fraternity has worked hard to provide some amazing benefits for you, some in the game, some in football retirement and beyond, we are there to ensure you are aware of each of these through your life, to keep you updated with progressions and accessing what you need.
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