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In addition to varied draft preparation and settlement assistance, we guide elite AFL athletes through goal setting and their day to day regime to derive the outcomes planned. With a hunger matched only by that of our clients, Centimeter Perfect is committed to crafting benchmark deals and marketing opportunities for our clients.

Regardless of whether you are rising through the junior talent pathway to the draft, a rookie option, a mature age player or a current listed player, we can tailor a package to suit what you wish to gain from an agent. We adapt to suit your specific needs. Our team work Australia-wide and are here to secure you endorsement deals and negotiate your contracts and that’s just the beginning.

If you are an organisation seeking to align your enterprise with our talent, please contact us to discuss facilitating mutually beneficial opportunities. We are constantly evolving and interested in offering strategic new partnerships to our clients.

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Player Welfare

Player Welfare, Resilience & Flourishing Regardless of whether you have been/are in the AFL and sporting industry for years already

Player Contracts & Negotiation

AFL player contract negotiations and free agency deals can be a complicated and challenging obstacle, when it comes to getting

Financial Management & Planning

Financial management is an integral part of the services available to our clients. Smart financial management can make a huge

Media Management

Part of any successful business foray is effective media exposure and the sporting industry is no exception. Our services allow

Marketing & Endorsements

Marketing your public profile begins even before you are drafted. It is the first and lasting impression that you don’t

Partnerships & Support

We offer strong partnership connections when it comes to: Legal Financial planning Accounting Budgeting and other financial services Property Investment


Educating toward independence The entire team at Centimeter Perfect are here to guide you from the infancy stage of your


The Fact File: Michael Barlow
Growing up in Regional Victoria, I participated in an array of sports and was always driven to take sport (Cricket and Football in particular) to the highest level that I could. Perhaps considered a late developer my dream of becoming a professional sportsman became a reality on the 16th of December 2009, Rookie listed to
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Players' Voice - Tom Wilkinson
By Tom Wilkinson Nov 29, 2018 I’ll remember last Friday for the rest of my life. The rookie draft wasn’t televised or streamed so we were sitting around a table, with our phones unlocked and the AFL application open, frantically refreshing it every five seconds hoping my name would pop up. When it finally did,
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Jack Fitzpatrick's transition from football
At Centimeter Perfect we offer a holistic approach that really stands us apart from our industry competitors. Our reach covers players from aspirations, through their career and beyond. Forward planning and strong guidance play a vital role which is equally as important as contracts, signing and the game. Please take a moment to view this
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